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     I believe the guitar is the most incredible instrument ever. There is no limit to the sounds you can produce, solos you will learn and the enjoyment you will give others as well as yourself.  Just check out Will Ripley Shredding his Guitar in an awesome YouTube performance ->.  Grab his easy to follow program - Guitar Goals Online

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Ok, Lets Choose Your Guitar - Acoustic or Electric?

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     Choosing your first guitar is exciting, it is also a personal decision and one you should make by going to a music store or whatever where you can hold the guitar and play with the fret board or neck of the guitar to see if it is comfortable. The guitar is a personal instrument and we need to feel comfortable it. Some of us have chubby fingers and some of us have skinny fingers. I have chubby fingers and like a neck with a little width to it so I'm not touching two strings at a time. With acoustic guitars the strings are usually of a heavier gauge than an electric guitar and the action - space between the strings and neck needs more finger pressure than an electric guitar to produce a clean note. This also means more discomfort to your fingers at the beginning since they will not yet have calluses. Your finger pain will become secondary to the excitement you will have when you start producing the beautiful sounds from the notes and chords on your guitar. It won't be long after practicing for a few days that calluses form and the finger pain is no more.

     I personally feel that for anyone who really wants to master the guitar, it is better to start with acoustic because they are a little harder to master at the beginning because of the necessity of more string pressure and usually a wider neck.  My point is once you can play an acoustic with confidence, your fingers will be flying all over an electric.  Another point of an acoustic is that they are very portable.  No amplifier needed.

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Another tip for choosing an acoustic for your first guitar is that they are usually less expensive than electric.  Starting out you may want to check out some Flee Markets and Garage Sales.  You may find some great value and even one that fits your playing style for a few bucks.  A guitar is a musical instrument that you should let your mind take off and explore all playing styles and just let it be fun.  Don't get caught up just learning just chords, chord progression and all that.  Don't get me wrong, chords and chord progression are very important but start playing around with producing sounds you like by playing separate strings and string progression.  Just like you would be using your fingers to tickle the keys on a piano or keyboard. That's what happened with Jimi Hendrix - Click Jimi Hendrix and see what I mean.  Before Jimi most guitarists used chords.  Jimi produced sounds that people fell in love with and marveled at.  Jimi just let his soul pore out through his fingertips onto the fret board and a new style of playing was discovered.

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